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Taco Portaledge System

Taco Portaledge System

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The Taco is the lightest Big Wall portaledge ever made! The Taco incorporates the ability to fit any commercially available inflatable pad from 20”-25” Wide and 60”-76” long. It features durable urethane coated fabrics, simple and EASILY REPAIRABLE and field serviceable construction. Tough nylon webbing, and an adjustable side to account for slabs, sloping ledges, or fully hanging bivies.
Here is an in-depth review, with setup and usage videos from my friends Sam and Lani at their new guiding service website ' They also offer big wall courses if you need guidance getting somewhere to use your Taco!

The design is similar to single point hammocks, but adds the rigidity of the inflatable pad to keep the sides away from your body, and also to flatten the bottom instead of an actual tight and curvy hammock.

The pad is fully captured in the harness system if the length is 76” or below, narrow pads such as the Neo Air Thermarest have been tested and provide the best support and comfort, and pushing out the sides. Horizontal baffles will perform better vertical baffled pads, but are still functional and usable.

The suspension does not need to be individually adjustable, or finely adjusted for comfort. Only one adjustable cam buckle is required to set the height depending on any conditions, and the lack of dangling straps is great. The adjusting strap is a webbing handle, which allows for clipping off gear. The Taco is also capable of becoming a recliner by using two carabiners to pull up the head side of the Taco.

Taco Portaledge
Base weight 1lb 13oz
Accepts Pads 20-25” Wide and 60-76” Long. Longer pads than 76” are not reccomended, and may require extenders on the bottom(ask if needed). ideal pads are 20” wide and 72”-76" long regardless of your height. Calculate your base weight by adding the weight of your pad.

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