About Us

Our Mission

We make reliable equipment that works for the guides, skiers and climbers who use it year-round.


How We Started

Founded by Kyle Willis, High Mountain Gear was started as an attempt to fix his own gear with a sewing machine. To keep gear out of landfills, Kyle started fixing other people's gear, too. Fixing soon led to creating, and before long, Kyle was making his own products to fill gaps in the market at a reasonable price and High Mountain Gear was born.


The Vision

At High Mountain Gear, we're all about big ideas and the great outdoors. We craft gear that's got your back in two ways:

  1. Filling Outdoor Gaps: We're out to solve those "Why doesn't this exist?" moments. Our team digs deep to create products that make your outdoor life easier, safer, and more fun.
  2. Redefining the Big 3: Lighter, tougher, and easy on your wallet – that's what we're about. We push the boundaries, so you get gear that surprises you with quality and affordability.

    Our gear is made right here in Washington State, with a nod to Mother Nature – we use as much recycled material as we can.

    We're not just a gear company; we're outdoor lovers stitching innovation into every product. Get ready to be wowed by High Mountain Gear – the gear that's all about your adventures!