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Wallpinist UHMWPE Aid Ladders

Wallpinist UHMWPE Aid Ladders

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With Removable Pocket

Adding to our WALLPINIST UL Series are full-size Aid Ladders. Constructed entirely from two weights of 1" UHMWPE webbing and a rigid spreader bar, each ladder weighs an INSANE 98 grams! (3.4oz)

Add on the Dyneema removable Pocket for 4 grams!

 The WALLPINIST ladders are designed for cutting edge big walls and expeditions, carrying a pair of these aid ladders can save you more than a full pound and excessive bulk. Competitor's full-size ladders weigh 10oz-11.6 oz each. Even competitior's small "pocket" aid ladders weigh 6-7oz, and the steps collapse making progress difficult. The burly spreader bar in the Wallpinist Aid Ladders keeps all your steps open to allow continuous upward progress. 
Allow 3 weeks for your order to be made. Indicate color of stitching desired. Sold individually.

Made in Tacoma, Washington. 

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