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Ski Guide Sled Tarp

Ski Guide Sled Tarp

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Created for backcountry rescue, the Ski Guide Sled Tarp is the multi-tool you've needed. Whether you need to transport an injured person, create an emergency snow cave, or utilize as a bivy sack or bothy bag, we've got you covered. 

This is the toughest guide tarp available. We've introduced a feature to reduce the possibility of the individual sliding out the bottom. With 8 tie downs to wrap the feet and create a foot box with a carabiner or cord, security of your passenger is greatly increased.
The tarp is currently available in one model only, with the center section made with ULTRAGRID untearable fabric. 
  • Alpine
    • Dimensions: 70" (178cm) x106" (270cm)
    • Weight: 1lb 8oz 


We are now using Challenge Sailcloth's newest fabric ULTRAGRID which is made from UHMWPE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) fibers and recycled Polyester. The center section is Ultragrid, and the outside is silicone ripstop nylon. Kam Snaps allow for bothy bag/bivy bag configurations. 

The Fine Print
Straps are currently not available with the tarps.
Product colors may vary.
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Customer Reviews

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Tali Levin
Irreplaceable gear for backcountry winter travelers

The Ski Guide Sled Tarp is an essential piece of gear for backcountry winter travelers. It’s a super useful piece of rescue gear that’s irreplaceable in the backcountry, and can also be used as an emergency shelter. This past winter, I went on a winter camping ski trip, and my partner and I had a unfortunate tent malfunction. Instead, we were able to dig a snow cave and cover it with the Tarp, and despite the fact that it was snowing heavy and wet, we stayed completely dry all night.  I’m stoked on how durable it is, especially for its light weight!

William Luthy
I have yet to receive my tarp…

I ordered in December 2023…SHOP still shows it in Tacoma.

Perfect rescue sled

I work as a ski guide and am always looking for the latest greatest lightest rescue sleds to carry around in case of emergency. This one fits the bill! Not only is it super fun neon colors, but it does all the things I want it to do: rescue sled, hyper wrap, emergency snow shelter.