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6mm Tag Line Rope Bag

6mm Tag Line Rope Bag

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    At only 3oz (85g), you sacrifice nothing in weight for a more organized, fluster-free climb.


    The neon pink and lemon lime colors stand out against any feature or wall so you can easily locate your gear.


    Made entirely with USA-sourced materials and sewn in Washington State.



EPX 200 Challenge Sailcloth Recycled Fabric

Weight and Size

  • Weight: 3oz | 85 grams
  • Diameter: 7.5" | 19.05cm
  • Height: 12.5" | 31.75cm
  • Volume: 9 Liters

Made In USA

All materials and labor are sourced within the United States.


  • Rigid, stiff EPX material keeps your bag from collapsing when the rope is deployed
  • At just under 10L, plenty of room for your Petzl RAD or PUR line and MORE
  • Multiple attachment points for clipping to your anchor or harness
  • Easy cinch draw string closure
  • Marine-grade grommet hole in bottom allows to feed the rope out either end
  • Doubles as a storage or stuff sack and organizer
  • Bright colors make keeping track of gear easy

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Samuele Poletti
A very useful item

Just received it, but I love it! The fabric and the manufacturing are very robust, and feel absolutely reliable. This item is likely to make a real difference on those long outings where efficiency is a must, making everything much faster and smoother. Looking forward to putting it to the test!

Rachel Keliman

This bag rocks! Super durable and hangs well from a harness.


Very versatile. Intended for a 6mm tag line but can be used for other rope systems as well as a solid bag for a lighter weight belay parka. The rivet can be used to tie off the end of the tagline or as drainage for wet gear. Solid kit!

Michael Pedreros
6mm Tag Line Rope Bag

This new bag is great to keep my tag line ready to go when I need it. I’ve been stucking my tag line at the bottom of my backpack and inside the tag line bag and when the time to rappels come everything feels that goes faster.
The 6mm tag line is pretty lightweight so also it’s been great keeping the line with my and inside the bag as I’m going down. Sometimes, a really lightweight rope or tag line doesn’t go down as easy as a heavier rope so again, keeping the line with me has been great and I can avoid that my tag line is getting stuck or blowing away when I’m rappelling.
Highly recommended.