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Portaledge Replacement Bed for D4, Metolius, Black Diamond, A5, Fish

Portaledge Replacement Bed for D4, Metolius, Black Diamond, A5, Fish

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Available for 2023 is the replacement bed for A5 portaledges (and any other rigid ledge design) made with the open source pattern designed by John Middendorf. These ledges are still in use, but the fabric beds are commonly falling apart and separating. Two fabric types are currently available, standard packcloth and Challenge Sailcloth's UNTEARABLE Ultragrid fabric with UHMWPE ripstop. The latter of the two saves 10-12 ounces on an A5 alpine double, looks SICK, and the polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles. All ledge beds will be made with Ultra 800 Scuff panels.

In an effort to eliminate error ( these beds are a ton of work) you must measure the outer tubing width and length of your ledge frame.

Replacing a bed of a portaledge is the decision of to the user after assessment of the frame's integrity. It will require mild disassembly and reassembly of your ledge, and you should likely replace the shock cord. High Mountain Gear will warranty and replace any bed shown with manufacturing defects. Outside of this warranty it is the at the company's discretion.


Allow 3 weeks for your ledge bed to be assembled. Made in Tacoma, Washington.



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